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Spalon Life
Pursuing Perfection

What is more important than your  perfect health and beauty?   Growing up in the Spa and Salon industry as a distributor, and salon owner, we find stress and our health weaken. Like most average Americans  neglecting their health not by choice,  but  rather the lack of knowledge and education.  We are committed to a lifestyle change and would like to share the knowledge. 

Traveling the world at  trade show conventions,  the SpaLon Life team are prepared to show the benefits of quality products, services, and equipments to those who are willing to make a lifestyle change. Spalon Life offers the latest technology and products in detoxifying. From Infrared hothouse, and chi machine to Negative Ion detox machines. Also included in our health spa packages are herbal colon cleansing, nutrition supplements, protein shakes, lifestyle change, and coaching plan. After detoxifying your body and becoming healthier, Spalon team is prepared to make your skin beautiful with a formal facial detox system from soft enzyme peels to deep therapeutic peels to resurface damage skin texture.  With a more beautiful face, your confidence and better outlook on lifestyle will increase. Spalon offers formal skin care class for consumers, and also other spa and salon professionals. SpaLon Life is pursuing perfection in health, skin, and beauty. Feel free to contact us for a free medical grade skin consultation and nutritional information. We constantly offer promotional services and products. Thank you for your interest in Spalon Life. Call for customer service (714)376-8803.